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Feb 20

The Aftermath


John Burns: Michigan City escapee, arrested in Chicago December 12, 1934, and returned to prison to finish his life sentence

Dr. Harold Cassidy: Committed suicide on July 30, 1946, in Chicago

John Paul Chase: Apprehended December 27, 1934 in Mount Shasta, California; convicted on March 25, 1935, for the murder of Inspector Cowley. Began serving his sentence at Alcatraz on March 31, 1935; transferred to U.S. Penitentiary, Leavenworth, Kansas, in September 1954; paroled on October 31, 1966; and died October 5, 1973, in Palo Alto, California, of cancer.

Pat Cherrington: Released from prison July 27, 1936 on her harboring charge. Found dead in her room at the Burton Hotel, 1439 North Clark Street, Chicago, on May 3, 1949

Marie Comforti: Sentenced to a year and a day December 22, 1934, for harboring Van Meter

John Dillinger, Sr.: Died in 1943, buried next to his son at Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis

Evelyn Frechette: Released from prison January 30, 1936 for harboring Dillinger. Died January 13, 1969, in Shawno, Wisconsin, of cancer at the age of 61

Helen Gillis: Released from prison in Milan, Michigan, December 13, 1936, and returned to Chicago. She died in 1987

Polly Hamilton: Went into hiding after Dillinger's death. Eventually returned to Chicago and married. Died February 19, 1969

Leslie Homer: Convicted and sentenced in Racine, Wisconsin. Paroled in 1943 from the state prison in Wapun, Wisconsin

Dr. Wilhelm Loeser: Sentenced on September 21, 1935 to serve one day for conspiring to harbor, then returned to Leavenworth for parole violation

Charles Makley: Shot and killed in an attempted prison break while on death row September 22, 1934, at the state prison in Columbus, Ohio

Homer Van Meter: Shot and killed by St. Paul police August 23, 1934. Buried at Lindenwood Cemetery, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Baby Face Nelson: Shot and killed by federal agents on November 27, 1934, in Barrington, Illinois. Also killed were Inspector Sam Cowley and Agent Herman Hollis. Buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery, River Grove, Illinois

Arthur O'Leary: Received suspended sentence in exchange for testifying against Piquett. Moved to Dubuque, Iowa, and died in 1966

Louis Piquett: Entered Leavenworth on May 9, 1936, for harboring Van Meter; released January 11, 1938. Received Presidential pardon from Harry Truman in January 1951. Died of a heart attack December 12, 1951

Harry Pierpont: Electrocuted October 17, 1934 at the state prison at Columbus, Ohio, for the killing of Sheriff Sarber

James Probasco: "Fell" to his death from the 19th floor of the Bankers' Building, Chicago, July 26, 1934, while in the custody of the FBI

Melvin Purvis: Resigned from the FBI in July 1935; committed suicide February 29, 1960 Buried at Mount Hope Cemetery, Florence, South Carolina

Anna Sage: Died in Romania April 25, 1947, of a liver ailment



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