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Feb 20

The National Spotlight


John Dillinger legal wranglingDillinger became a national news item during his incarceration in the Pima County Jail in Tucson, Arizona. Newspapermen and photographers poured in from around the country. While Dillinger and his gang gave interviews, there was much legal wrangling behind the scenes over which state would win extradition. He was eventually extradited to Indiana to stand trial for the O'Malley killing. The other three men (along with Mary Kinder) were sent to Ohio. The three menwere sent to Ohio to be tried for killing Sheriff Sarber in the Lima breakout. Mary Kinder was released to Indiana authorities for her possible involvment in the Michigan City escape. Nothing ever came of it but she was watched by authorities very closely. Billie Frechette, arrested with Dillinger, was released.

On January 30, the plane carrying Dillinger and his guards arrived at Chicago Municipal Airport (Midway). Waiting at the airport was a large contingent of police, in addition to the Dillinger Squad. With sirens wailing, the car carrying the outlaw was accompanied by a caravan of vehicles and motorcycle cops. Arriving at the sheriff's office in Crown Point, Indiana, he was greeted by numerous reporters with whom he cracked jokes. Photographers convinced Dillinger and Prosecutor Estill to pose, Dillinger cheerfully leaning his arm on his prosecutor's shoulder, with the sheriff looking congenially on. Dillinger closely watched the photographers and timed a pre-arranged signal with his hand that was to set his escape efforts into action.





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