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May - August 1933

May 1933

Monday, May 22, 1933
Released from Indiana State Prison at Michigan City; shis entence began September 16, 1924. Due to misplaced paperwork he arrived one hour late to say good-bye to his beloved stepmother Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Fields) Dillinger as she died from a stroke. According to prison records Lizzie worked harder to gain John's early release and parole, wrote more letters to John and public officials and visited him more than any other relative. John loved her and thought of her as his only mother because his birth mother Mollie died when John was only three years old. According to publications, John Sr. said he raised John along with a nanny until he remarried. John Sr. married Elizabeth fields from Mooresville, Indiana. On some occassions John would stay with his older sister Audrey who had a large family. Audrey did love John dearly but did not have the time to actually raise John as has been often misreported.

June 1933

June 24, 1933 (Saturday)
Allegedly attempts to rob Marshall Field Thread Mill in Monticello, Indiana, with William Shaw

June 29, 1933 (Thursday)
According to small time hood William Shaw (who had a tendency to exaggerate his involvement with John) they robbed a sandwich shop on washington Street, Indianapolis, near Irvington. This is unlikely as Dillinger soon realized Shaw was a rank amatuer that would soon be caught and that's exactly what happened after Shaw's wife turned him in for cheating on her.

July 1933

July 15, 1933 (Saturday)
Arrives in Muncie, Indiana, to meet Harry Copeland, then drives to Daleville, Indiana, to case the Commercial Bank of Daleville.

July 17, 1933 (Monday at 12:45 p.m.)
Robs the Commercial Bank of Daleville with Harry Copeland and Hilton Crouch
BANDIT CAR: Chevrolet coupe
TAKE: $3,500

Monday, July 30, 1933
Visits 1933 Century of Progress World's Fair with Mary Longnaker and one of Mary's friends.Mary is the sister of Jim jenkins, a friend of John's in the Michigan City Prison.

August 1933

August 4, 1933 (Friday)
Robs First National Bank of Montpelier, Indiana, with Copeland and Crouch.
BANDIT CAR: Blue Dodge
TAKE: $6,700

August 14, 1933 (Monday at noon)
Robs Citizens National Bank of Bluffton, Ohio, with Copeland and Crouch.
BANDIT CAR: Green sedan
TAKE: $6,000

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