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April 1934

April 3, 1934
Eddie Green shot and mortally wounded by agents at 778 Rondo Avenue, St. Paul. Eddie rambles unconciously as he is dying while federal agents write everything down.

April 4-6, 1934
Dillinger and Frechette travel to Mooresville to visit John's father, arriving on the 5th. On the 6th, Dillinger and his half brother, Hubert, drive to Leipsic, Ohio, to make contact with Pierpont's family.

April 7, 1934
Saturday afternoon
Dillinger, with Billie, purchases a car in Indianapolis for cash. Billie lists her address as 409 North LaSalle Street, Indianapolis, the address of Dillinger's half-brother, Hubert. The car is purchased hours after Dillinger and Hubert flee from a wreck in Noblesville. When the police discover the hot money, and Hubert's address, they raid Hubert's home and Mary Kinder's the following day.

April 8, 1934
Dillinger family reunion back in Mooresville. The farm is under surveillance at the time, but Dillinger leaves for Chicago after dinner.

April 9, 1934
Billie Frechette arrested at State & Austin Tavern at 416 North State, Chicago, by Melvin Purvis. Dillinger escapes unnoticed.

April 11, 1934
Eddie Green dies. He is buried at St. Peter's Cemetery, Mendota, Minnesota. The grave marker is missing.

April 13, 1934
early morning
Dillinger robs Warsaw, Indiana, police arsenal with Homer Van Meter.
TAKE: Two revolvers and four bulletproof vests
*At the state prison in Columbus, Ohio, Warden Preston Thomas intercepts a pamphlet of St. John's gospel sent to Pierpont from, he believes, Dillinger. The scriptural pamphlet has a page turned down and a chapter marked with blue ink. It reads: "Let not your heart be troubled; Ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my father's home are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you." Preston intercepts another communication mailed from Chicago April 16. It reads: "Have no fear; Jesus has come once, He will come again."

April 14, 1934
Allegedly Dillinger and Van Meter stop at the Evening Star Tourist Camp in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and speak to proprietor Mrs. Frank Cargin about a cabin. Mrs. Cargin explains to the men that the camp is not yet open for business, but she later discovers that one of the cabins had been broken into and that the two men had stayed two or three nights.

April 17, 1934
Dillinger and John Hamilton drive to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, to visit Hamilton's sister.

April 18, 1934
May and Salt arraigned; bond set at $50,000 each. Unable to furnish the bond, they are held in the Ramsey County jail.

April 19, 1934
Van Meter, Tommy Carroll, Baby Face Nelson, Marie Comforti, Jean Delaney, and Helen Gillis meet at the Crystal Ballroom in Fox River Grove, Illinois.

April 20, 1934
1 p.m.
Homer Van Meter, Marie Comforti, and Pat Reilly arrive at Little Bohemia Lodge in Manitowish, Wisconsin. Dillinger, Hamilton, Pat Cherrington, Tommy Carroll, Jean Delaney, Helen Gillis, and Baby Face Nelson arrive around 5:30 p.m.

April 21, 1934
Pat Reilly, with Pat Cherrington accompanying him, is sent back to St. Paul to collect $4,000 owed to Van Meter by Harry Sawyer, St. Paul underworld fixer and Dillinger gang contact man, who, Reilly later states, was holding the money for Van Meter to be "cooled" after a prior bank heist. Reilly is given $30 for expense money by Van Meter and is instructed to contact Tommy Gannon, a minor St. Paul hood. Upon his arrival in St. Paul, Gannon is found to be drunk, so he and Cherrington again head back to Little Bohemia. Reilly later states to the FBI that before leaving he did receive $1,000 of the money owed to Van Meter by one Phil Clarrity, local bootlegger, who was holding this money for Sawyer.

April 22, 1934
FBI trap is laid after being informed of the gang's whereabouts. The men escape unscathed.
CAPTURED: Helen Gillis, Marie Comforti, and Jean Delaney
WOUNDED: John Hoffman, John Morris (by FBI) J.C. Newman, Carl C. Christensen (by Baby Face Nelson)
KILLED: Eugene Boiseneau (by FBI) W. Carter Baum (Baby Face Nelson)
*Billie arrives in St. Paul from Chicago to await trial.

April 23, 1934
Near Hastings, Minnesota, attempting to drive into St. Paul, Dillinger, Van Meter and Hamilton engage in gun battle with police. Hamilton is wounded in back. Hamilton is brought to Chicago. Dillinger appeals to the crime syndicate for help. He is turned down. Dillinger next contacts Doc Moran, physician of the Barker-Karpis gang. Doc Moran refuses but sends them to the barker-Karpis gang.

April 27, 1934
Hamilton dies from his wounds in Aurora, Illinois, and is buried by Dillinger, Van Meter, Volney Davis, Doc Barker, William Weaver and Harry Campbell in a gravel pit near Oswego, Illinois.

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