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December 1933

Dec. 11, 1933
Tommy Carroll engages in gun battle with police in San Antonio, Texas. Detective H.C. Perrow is slain..

Dec. 14, 1933
John Hamilton kills Sgt. William T. Shanley in a North Broadway garage in Chicago

Mid-Dec. 1933
Dillinger and Frechette, after visiting John Sr. at the Mooresville farm, drive to Daytona Beach, Florida. In addition Pierpont and Mary Kinder head to Daytona. Charles Makley, Mary Kinder's sister Margaret, Russell Clark and Opal Long also go to Daytona Beach to vacation and get out of Chicago as Frank Nitti was angered by Hamilton's killing of a Chicago Detective. Mary was trying to see if Margaret would take a liking to Fat Charlie Makley but the romance didn't take. All three cars took different routes and left at different times. They were to meet in Nashville, TN before leaving for Florida. In Tennessee Margaret joined Harry and Mary to Harry's objections.

Dec. 20, 1933
Edward Shouse captured in Paris, Illinois, and returned to Michigan City.

Dec. 21, 1933
Homer Van Meter and John "Red" Hamilton join the gang in Daytona and ask for assistance with Chicago mob planned bank robbery of an East Chicago bank. Dillinger and Pierpont feel it might be a Nitti trick to take action against them so they reject the offer. Hamilton and Van Meter leave as Pierpont makes it known that Van Meter is not welcome.

Dec. 23, 1933
Hilton Crouch apprehended at 420 Surf Street, Chicago; sentenced to 20 years for the Massachusetts Avenue Bank job.

Christmas Day 1933
Dillinger has a great Christmas with Evelyn. The next day he sends Evelyn "Billie" Frechette with his car, a diamond ring, thousands of dollars in cash with instructions to go back to the Indian reservation in Neopit, Wisconsin, file for a divorce and help her family have a great Christmas. She stops by the Mooresville farm with gifts to John's family too.

Home Timeline December 1933