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Februrary 1934

Feb. 1, 1934
Piquett again drives to Crown Point to meet Dillinger. He is first met by Warden Lou Baker, searched, then allowed to see him.

Feb. 5, 1934
Preliminary hearing before Judge William J. Murray. With 50 guards present, the shackled Dillinger is represented by Joseph Ryan, a one-armed lawyer from Indianapolis. Ryan was hired by John Sr. Unhappy with Ryan's representation, Dillinger demands to see Piquett, who subsequently replaces Ryan.

Feb. 9, 1934
Dillinger is arraigned; the trial is set for March 12.

Feb. 10, 1934
Prosecutor Robert Estill asks Judge Murray to transfer Dillinger to Michigan City for safekeeping. The request is denied.

Feb. 15, 1934
Arthur O'Leary travels with Piquett to Crown Point and meets Dillinger for the first time.

Feb. 17, 1934
Pierpont, Makley and Clark plead not guilty to the Sarber killing. Mary Kinder is released.

Mid-Feb. 1934
Arthur O'Leary and Piquett arrange fto meet with John where trial strategy and payment arrangments discussed.

Feb. 26, 1934
Billie Frechette visits Dillinger at the Jail in Crown Point. She poses as John's wife.

Feb. 28, 1934
Piquett and O'Leary rbecome concerned that Hamilton and Van Meter may attempt a violent rescue of John.

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