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June 1934

Early June 1934
Dillinger meets Polly Hamilton at the Barrel of Fun nightclub, according to Polly

June 3, 1934
Sunday evening
Dr. Loeser begins plastic surgery on Homer Van Meter, with assistance from Dr. Cassidy

June 4, 1934
Joseph Fox, Michigan City escapee, captured in Chicago and returned to prison to finish sentence

June 5, 1934
Loeser returns to the Probasco house to begin fingerprint removal on Van Meter

June 7, 1934
Tommy Carroll shot to death by police in Waterloo, Iowa. He is buried at Oakland Cemetery, St. Paul. The grave marker is missing

June 9, 1934
Jean Delaney sentenced to a year and a day for violating parole
*Dillinger and Van Meter drive to Indianapolis in an attempt to find and kill informer Art McGinnis. After losing him in a crowd, the two head back to Chicago

June 21, 1934
Van Meter picks up Marie Comforti and the two travel to the home of William and Ella Finerty in Calumet City, Illinois, where they rent a room under assumed names

June 22, 1934
Dillinger celebrates his 31st birthday with Polly Hamilton at the French Casino nightclub, Chicago
*Officially named Public Enemy No. 1

June 23, 1934
Dillinger and Polly celebrate Polly's birthday at the French Casino nightclub

June 26, 1934
Dillinger attends Cubs game at Wrigley Field. Cubs 5, Dodgers 2

June 27, 1934
Harry Copeland sentenced to 25 years for the Greencastle bank job. Pat Reilly arrested in St. Paul and receives two consecutive terms of one year and nine months, and 14 months

June 30, 1934
Saturday noon
Robs the Merchants' National Bank in South Bend, Indiana, with Van Meter, Baby Face Nelson and John Paul Chase. This was to be the gang's last job
BANDIT CAR: Brown Hudson
WOUNDED: Van Meter (head) Delos M. Coen, cashier Perry G. Stahley, V.P. Jacob Solomon, bystander Samuel Toth, motorist
KILLED: Officer Howard Wagner (Van Meter)
TAKE: $30,000

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