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March 1934

March 3, 1934
9:15 a.m.
Dillinger escapes from jail using the wooden gun; brings along accused murderer Herbert Youngblood. Dillinger steals Sheriff Lillian Holley's car and heads for Chicago.

March 4-6, 1934
Rents Apt. 106 at the Santa Monica Apartments, 3252 South Girard Avenue, Minneapolis, with Billie Frechette.

March 5, 1934
Sheriff Holley's car found abandoned at 1057 Ardmore, Chicago.

March 6, 1934
Dillinger robs Security National Bank in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with Homer Van Meter, Eddie Green, Tommy Carroll, and Baby Face Nelson.
BANDIT CAR: Green 1934 Packard
WOUNDED: Motorcycle policeman Hale Keith
TAKE: $49,500

March 7, 1934
As a result of driving Sheriff Holley's car from Indiana to Illinois, Dillinger violates the Dyer Act, a federal offense. The Department of Investigation (FBI) enters the case.

March 13, 1934
Dillinger robs First National Bank of Mason City, Iowa, with Homer Van Meter, Eddie Green, 2:40 p.m. Tommy Carroll, Baby Face Nelson, and John Hamilton.
WOUNDED: Dillinger and Hamilton (shoulder) R. H. James, bystander (leg)
TAKE: $52,000

March 14, 1934
After parting ways with Dillinger in Chicago following the Crown Point escape, Herbert Youngblood is shot and killed in Port Huron, Michigan. Also killed was undersheriff Charles Cavanaugh.

March 14, 1934
In need of medical attention, Dillinger and Hamilton are taken to the home of Dr. Nels Mortensen, at 2252 Fairmount Avenue, St. Paul, by Pat Reilly, accompanied by Homer Van Meter.
*In Chicago, Roger Touhy gang member Basil Banghart receives 99-year sentence for the John Factor kidnapping. He was framed by Capone mob leader Frank Nitti.

March 16, 1934
Dillinger and Billie arrive in Chicago to meet with Piquett. Piquett being unavailable, they meet with O'Leary and discuss Billie's wish to obtain a divorce from her imprisoned husband so that she and Dillinger can marry.

March 18, 1934
4 p.m.
Dillinger and Frechette again meet with O'Leary to discuss the divorce March 19, 1934.

March 19, 1934
Billie travels to Mooresville to deliver a letter from Dillinger, along with the wooden gun and sums of money for Audrey Hancock and Dillinger's father.

March 20, 1934
Dillinger moves in with Billie Frechette at the Lincoln Court Apartments, Apt. 303, 93 South Lexington Avenue, St. Paul, under the name of Mr. and Mrs. Carl T. Hellman. Rent is $60 per month.

March 22, 1934
Baby Face Nelson, with wife Helen Gillis and John Paul Chase, arrive in Reno, Nevada.
*In Chicago, Fred Goetz, aka: Shotgun Ziegler, ex-Capone henchman, is found dead in Cicero.

March 23, 1934
Dillinger drives to Leipsic, Ohio, and visits Harry Pierpont's mother to discuss the possibility of breaking him out of jail and leaves money for attorney for Pierpont, Clark and Makley.

March 24, 1934
Pierpont and Makley sentenced to death by electric chair. Executions are set for Friday, June 13, 1934. Clark is given a life sentence.

March 27, 1934
Pierpont and Makley transferred to the state prison in Columbus to await execution. Clark also transferred. Patricia Cherrington buys herself a new coat at the Young-Quinlan Company, Ninth and Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis. The coat was found in Apartment 303, Lincoln Court Apartments, St. Paul, subsequent to the shootout of March 31.

March 30, 1934
Dillinger, Billie, John Hamilton and girlfriend Pat Cherrington, and her sister, Opal Long, have a party at the Lincoln Court Apartments. It lasts most of the night.

March 31, 1934
10:30 a.m.
After the suspicious caretaker tips off the FBI the day before, Agents Coulter and Nolls, and Detective Cummings, investigate Apt. 303. Dillinger and Billie escape. Dillinger wounded in left calf. Van Meter escapes on a coal truck that was passing by. Dillinger and Frechette drive to 3300 Fremont Avenue, Eddie Green's apartment, to seek assistance.

March 31, 1934
11 a.m.
Green takes Dillinger to Dr. Clayton E. May, at 1835 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, to treat his leg. He stays with Dr. May and his nurse, Augusta Salt, until April 4.

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