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May 1934

May 2, 1934
Bloodstained getaway car found abandoned at 3333 North Leavitt, Chicago
*In St. Paul, Billie Frechette pleads not guilty to having harbored Dillinger. Bond set at $60,000.

May 5, 1934
Beth Green sentenced to 15 months for harboring Dillinger

May 15, 1934
Trial of Billie Frechette, Dr. Clayton May, and Augusta Salt begins in St. Paul. Judge Gunnar H. Nordbye presides

May 16, 1934
Baby Face Nelson pays a visit to Al Van De Houten, proprietor of Van Dee's Cafe and Bar, located at 152-154 South Crawford Avenue, Chicago. This establishment is now being closely watched by agents of the Chicago office.

May 23, 1934
Frechette and May found guilty of conspiring to harbor Dillinger. Nurse Salt acquitted. Frechette sentenced to two years at the federal prison in Milan, Michigan; Dr. May sentenced to two years at Leavenworth
*Bonnie and Clyde killed in ambush near Gibsland, Louisiana

May 24, 1934
11:15 p.m.
Officers Martin O'Brien and Lloyd Mulvihill of he East Chicago police are killed by Van Meter in East Chicago. Van Meter fires machine-gun blasts at them from the back of a truck

May 27, 1934
Dillinger moves into 2509 Crawford Avenue, Chicago, home of James Probasco

May 28, 1934
Monday evening
Drs. Wilhelm Loeser and Harold Cassidy arrive at the Probasco home to begin plastic surgery on Dillinger

Late May 1934
Loeser attempts to remove Dillinger's fingerprints with acids

May 31, 1934
Thursday evening
O'Leary calls on Dillinger at Probasco's. The bandages had been removed earlier in the day

Home Timeline May 1934