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November 1933

Nov. 11, 1933
Police attempt to arrest Tommy Carroll in Minneapolis on suspicion of participating in the Brainerd holdup. Escaping barefooted, he leaves behind $1,600 in cash, a rifle, a machine gun, and a shotgun

Nov. 15, 1933
After contracting ringworm at the Lima jail, Dillinger seeks treatment from Dr. Charles Eye in Chicago. Informant Arthur McGinnis notifies police, but Dillinger and Frechette escape trap

Nov. 19, 1933
Harry Copeland arrested at Harlem and North avenues, Chicago, and returned to prison

Nov. 20, 1933
Robs American Bank and Trust Company in Racine, Wisconsin, with Pierpont, Makley, Clark, Hamilton, and Leslie Homer
BANDIT CAR: Black Buick
WOUNDED: Sgt. Wilbur Hansen
H.J. Graham, cashier (arm)
TAKE: $27,000

Nov. 24, 1933
Leslie Homer arrested at LaSalle and Ohio streets in Chicago

Nov. 30, 1933
Baby Face Nelson and his wife, Helen Gillis, enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner with Homer Van Meter and Marie Comforti at the home of H.S. Lebman in San Antonio, Texas. The Nelsons leave for San Francisco on Dec. 11
*Nude body of Verne Miller found in Detroit; back of his skull crushed in

Home Timeline November 1933