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September 1933



Sept. 6, 1933 (Wednesday)
Robs Massachusetts Avenue State Bank in Indianapolis with Copeland and Crouch.
TAKE: $24,000

Sept. 15, 1933
Has his 1933 Essex Terraplane repaired at 3034 Lawrence Avenue, Chicago.

Sept. 22, 1933 (Friday)
Captured in Dayton, Ohio, at the home of Mary Longnaker. He gives up without a struggle.

Sept. 23, 1933 (Saturday)
Transferred to Allen County Jail, Lima, Ohio.

Sept. 26, 1933 at 1:30 p.m. (Tuesday)
Indiana State Prison at Michigan City Jailbreak.
ESCAPEES: Harry Pierpont, Charles Makley, Russell Clark, Edward Shouse, Walter Dietrich, John Burns, James Jenkins, Joseph Fox, John Hamilton, James Clark
*On the same day Machine Gun Kelly is apprehended in Memphis.

Sept. 29, 1933 (Friday)
Michigan City escapee James Clark arrested in Hammond, Indiana. Dillinger writes a letter to his father from the Lima jail.

Saturday, Sept. 30, 1933
Michigan City escapee James Jenkins shot and killed in Beanblossom, Indiana, by townspeople. Local resident Herbert McDonald wounded in the arm.

Home Timeline September 1933